Are you a Team Player? (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the role of exhibits and programs as outreach activities


You’re boss wants you to host lecturers from outside of your archives. You’re a smaller archives that is a part of a public library system. You have a separate archive space that is attached to the largest branch library in your system. You collect generally in local history and culture. You’re boss the head of the library system, really wants you to get onto the public programming band wagon. Currently, many of the branch libraries host outside speakers who talk about a variety of topics from financial planning to scrapbooking. This supervisor feels that you need to be doing the same. They will not take no for an answer, and insist that you bring in outside speakers.


  • How do you plan to offering public programing that will benefit the archives? What steps will you take?
  • How would you explain lack of funds for this programming to an insistent supervisor? What if they don’t offer more funds, but still insist in bringing in outside voices?


Joshua Kitchens

Joshua Kitchens
Joshua Kitchens is an archivist, historian and beer lover. Josh is currently the Director of the Archival Studies Program at Clayton State University.

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